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HCOLOR - OWAY - Hair Color

OWAY - Hair Color

nourishing permanent colour

No ammonia, Parabens, petroleum derivatives and allergen-free scent, HCOLOR respects the hair fiber and the physiological pH of the hair, while preserving the structure.
• To Roselle Biodynamic: strengthens from within the hair structure and increases the shine to make them soft and silky.
Biological Perilla: this oil, widely used in herbal medicine for its soothing properties, has an anti-aging.
Protein of Cotonand: give body and texture to the hair and prevent dryness and remedial action and returned the hair fibre and an emollient and nourishing the skin.
Date of ethics: this oil nourishing and firming helps improve the texture of the hair fibers over time.
shades: 94 shades divided into 20 families of color.
directions for use: mix HCOLOR with HCatalyst in dilution ratio 1:1.5. With more than 50% of white hair mix in dilute 1:1.
packaging: 100 ml tube.